Recursively resizing all the images in a folder and inside sub-folders using the Terminal

Recently, I had to resize about 1000’s of JPG pictures that were given to me which were HUGE in size about 10MB each pic to be converted/resized for the web. I realized that I had to use my Terminal Hackery to solve this issue. I quickly installed “imagemagick”, which can be installed in OSX by […]

Creating a new WordPress installation in Digital Ocean

First things first, we go the the domain access admin panel, and then click on the manage dns, and then once the manage DNS has been clicked, add custom nameservers. In the custom nameservers, we will add the following : Once this process is done, go to the digital ocean control panel and then […]

Some quick MySQL commands for database creation ( For WordPress & Rails )

Some systems like Ubuntu, mysql is using by default the UNIX auth_socket plugin. Basically means that: db_users using it, will be “auth” by the system user credentias. You can see if your root user is set up like this by doing the following: As you can see in the query, the root user is using the auth_socket plugin There are 2 ways to solve this: […]